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Alphabutt CD


Alphabutt is an album of children's music by Kimya Dawson, recorded in February 2007 with Hidden Vagenda producer Jason Carmer. The Alphabutt sessions were completed on February 21, 2008, and the full album was released on K Records in September 2008. Kimya has recently left K Records and is reissuing Alphabutt on her own label Great Crap Factory Records. It is Kimya's 6th solo album.
released September 9, 2008

Callidora Cadogan – kazoo, vocals
Kevin Cadogan – kazoo
Jason Carmer – bass, guitar, drums, vocals, handclapping, producer, engineer, rattle, audio production
Nico Carmer – drums, vocals, handclapping
Kimya Dawson – guitar, piano, kazoo, vocals, handclapping, producer, audio production
Erez Frank – vocals
Sofia Jeremias – vocals
Aki Mantia – piano
Brian "Brain" Mantia – drums, vocals
McAlister Shea – drums, vocals
Miles Milstead Murgia – drums
Panda Dawson-Duval – piano, vocals
Amani Shea – drums
Barbara Shipowo – vocals
Angelo Spencer – guitar, drums, vocals, wood block, blocks

1 Little Monster Babies
2 Alphabutt
3 Bobby-O
4 Louie
5 Smoothie
6 I Like Bears
7 Seven Hungry Tigers
8 Happy Home (Keep On Writing)
9 Wiggle My Tooth
10 I Love You Sweet Baby
11 Pee-Pee In The Potty
12 Uncle Hukee's House
13 We're All Animals
14 Little Panda Bear
15 Sunbeams And Some Beans