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Hidden Vagenda CD


This is my fourth solo album. It is the first album I didn't record on an analog cassette 4-track machine.

Recorded at Mourningwood Studio, San Francisco and in Jason and Brain's living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, garages and yards.
Additional tracks recorded by Major Matt Mason USA at Olive Juice Music, NYC and by Kimya in the Dawson familly kitchen.

It's Been Raining and Blue Like Nevermind recorded at mains d'œvres, St. Ouen France.

Parade was recorded at the Audiology Center, Moseley, England.

Co-produced by Jason Carmer, Arion Salazar, and Kimya Dawson.

Huge thanks to Third Eye Blind for the use of their studio.
released October 5, 2004

1. It's Been Raining -
Drums – Neman Herman Düne
Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals – André Herman Düne
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Recorded By – Etienne Jaumet
Ukulele, Bass, Vocals – David Herman Düne

2. Fire
Bass, Vocals – Arion Salazar
Drums – Brain Mantia
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Lead Guitar – Joe Gore
Vocals [Additional] – Anders Griffen, Beau Johnson, Danny Kelly, Jack Lewis , Jason Trachtenburg, Major Matt Mason USA, Regina Spektor

3. Viva La Persistence
Bass – Arion Salazar
Guitar – Toby Goodshank
Guitar, Vocals, Percussion – Kimya Dawson
Percussion – Jack Dishel

4. Lullaby For The Taken
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson

5. I Will Never Forget
Bass, Vocals – Arion Salazar
Cello, Vocals – (Bonfire) Madigan Shive
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Percussion – Brain Mantia
Piano [Toypiano] – Joe Gore
Piano, Vocals – Jen Bator
Vocals [Additional] – Akida Dawson, Angela Carlucci, Aron Fredrickson, Ben Lerman, Christina Reich, Clint Asay, Counter Commons, Crystal Madrilejos, Grrr Anpar, Jack Dishel, James Levy, Jason Carmer, Jay Lapierre, Jim Andralis, Josh, Paleface, Sam Jayne, Steven Mertens, Toby Goodshank

6. Singing Machine
Bells [Chimes, Gong] – Brain Mantia
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Vocals [Additional] – Anders Griffen, Daniel Johnston, Jack Dishel, Stephan Jenkins

7. Moving On
Cello, Vocals – Crystal Madrilejos
Guitar, Vocals, Whistle [Whistling] – Kimya Dawson
Performer [Optigan Intro] – Jason Carmer
Piano – Regina Spektor
Vocals [Additional] – Angela Carlucci, Maria Dawson, Vanessa Carlton

8. Blue Like Nevermind
Drums – Neman Herman Düne
Guitar – David Herman Düne
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Recorded By – Etienne Jaumet
Ukulele, Bass – André Herman Düne

9. Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Other [Cheekpops] – Kimya Dawson
Piano [Toypiano], Guitar – Joe Gore
Vocals [Additional] – Jeepie Dawson, Maria Dawson
Vocals, Other [Cheekpops] – Jason Carmer
Vocals, Other [Leaves] – Arion Salazar
Vocals, Other [Newspaper] – Brain Mantia

10. Parade
Bass, Arranged By – Grandmaster Gareth
Drums, Percussion – Sam Minnear
Featuring, Recorded By – Misty's Big Adventure
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Organ – Lucy Bassett
Saxophone – Lucy Baines
Trumpet – Hannah Baines

11. 5 Years
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson

12. Anthrax (powerballad version)
Bass – Scott Fragala
Drums – Anders Griffen
Guitar, Vocals – Kimya Dawson
Performer [Intro] – Aaron Wilkinson, Adam Green, Jack Dishel, Kimya Dawson, Steven Mertens, Strictly Beats (Brent Cole)
Recorded By – Major Matt Mason USA
Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar – Scott Loving
Vocals [Additional] – Christina Reich, Dan "Cockroach" Bernstein, James Levy, Paleface

13. You Love Me
Bass – Arion Salazar
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Whistle [Whistling] – Kimya Dawson
Percussion – Brain Mantia
Whistle [Whistling] – Jason Carmer

14. Angels and Seagulls
Bass, Vocals, Other [Tea Kettle] – Arion Salazar
Drums – Brain Mantia
Guitar – Joe Gore
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Flute – Kimya Dawson