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The Bundles CD


"Fellow anti-folk artists Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson first met in 2001, and created their first five songs that year. Lewis' brother, Jack, Washington-based musician Karl Blau and drummer Anders Griffen soon joined them in the songwriting and recording process. Half of the songs on The Bundles were previously released on the Lewis-Dawson collaboration "AFNY Collaborations Volume I" in 2002, but the versions on that album differed significantly from those on The Bundles because on the latter record, unlike on the former, they were recorded with The Bundles' new band."

Karl Blau--Group Member, Jaw Harp, Piano, Saxophone, Vocals
Kimya Dawson --Group Member, Keyboards, Vocals
Anders Griffen --Drums, Group Member, Percussion, Vocals
Jack Lewis--Bass, Group Member, Vocals
Jeffrey Lewis--Group Member, Guitar, Liner Notes, Vocals

A Common Chorus
Pirates Declare War
Shamrock Glamrock
Over the Moon
In the Beginning
Desert Bundles
Metal Mouth
Be Yourselves

released 2010