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Thunder Thighs Cd


This is Kimya's 7th solo album. Featuring Aesop Rock, John Darnielle, Murs, Only Son, Nikolai Fraiture, Pablo Das, The Olympia Free Choir, Forever Young Senior Citizen Rock & Roll Choir, Daniel Bryan, a bunch of kids, a couple of librarians, and more! Artwork by Alex Pardee! Photography by Chrissy Piper!


All I Could Do
Mare And The Bear
Year 10
Miami Advice
Solid And Strong
Zero or a Zillion
Same Shit/ Complicated
I Like My Bike
Driving Driving Driving
You're In
The Library
Walk Like Thunder
Captain Lou
Utopian Futures

If you want it signed just say so and be sure to specify who it is for!

Sold Out